Day 4 of the Blog Challenge

What are you afraid of?

My greatest fear is not being able to provide the basic necessities for my children. We are living in a world where my fear could be a reality in just a few short minutes. I have made many choices in my life based strictly on that fear, I am very aware just how close many of us live to being homeless, or hungry, or sitting in the cold and in the dark. This fear pushes me to get up and to do what needs to be done every day to make sure my fear never becomes my reality. This fear is reality for some families and this is why we should be willing to help others, to join in your community, to donate your hard earned money to causes that put the money back into where it is actually needed. We should be taking a stand together as the people of our province, and our country, against these bullshit company’s and these asshole politicians, that take us for more than every penny we have for things like hydro, water, gas, a cell phone, tv/internet, food, drinks, clothing, daycare, etc. It doesn’t end. Every company is raising prices ever so slightly, some not so slightly, and if your lucky enough to find work to try and keep up with this nonsense, lucky you, and hopefully just hopefully you get benefits as well, or they will hit you where it really hurts and make you really pay when you are sick and needy. Then tax us on it all some ridiculous amount, sometimes twice, or hey with hydro they just tax you on a tax, illegal, but they do it anyway, and why, because what can we really do, we just take it, because our hands are tied. Even protesting wouldn’t work because who could afford the money you would lose to stand out there long enough to make a difference. but something has to give, things have to change, we need to do something other than just survive another day. Any ideas? because like I said, I never want my fear to be a reality, and I want anyone living my fear to not have that reality either. The time is now.


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