My Life In A Nutshell

I felt it would only be right for me to Introduce myself, my name is Wendi. I enjoy writing and have been told that blogging would be a good way for others to be able to get in my head and it would also allow me to just get it out there for others to read and hopefully relate.
My life, in a nutshell, is a whole bunch of “what the actual fucks”. Most who don’t know me, but may have heard of my life would think I was making most of it up, and to be quite honest sometimes I wish I was, but I don’t have to. On most days my life is a shit storm. But every day I get up and do it all again.
So far my life has consisted of divorced parents that didn’t deal well with all that being divorced adults of children consisted of, which led to some very crazy and out of control preteen/teenage behavior, a new step-family,  a teenage pregnancy, bought a house, a marriage, another teenage pregnancy, postpartum depression, alcoholism, a break-up of step-family, my Poppy’s passing, severe depression, a separation that left me on my own and my kids with their Nan and Dad, a tubular pregnancy, a tooth issue leading to dentures at 24, a drug addiction, an abortion, a move from my hometown without my children to save myself, a refresh on life, a baby born with CDH (later diagnosed with developmental delays, Autism, and SPD), a miscarriage, to moving my older children back with me, another baby,found spouses biological family, a spouse injured on job 5 days after baby was born and then diagnosed with H1N1, nearly lost our life as we knew it, spouses opiate addiction from pain medication, spouses recovery,  so then a spouse in another province for work to make up our losses, spouse home again for a great job here with family, I attended College, broke my arm, mental illness started showing its head in our life, spouse in another province again to try this one more time,spouse relapse, an affair, found my best friend, a separation, a whole shit storm, the reconciliation, spouses recovery, spouses diagnoses of BPD and BiPolar, I attended College again, the rebuilding of a family, and broke my leg, my of close friend’s sister just vanished, Graduated College with 2 diplomas and most recently a newly revealed to the world transgender child. Did I mention I’m only 38, haha and that’s just the jest of it. That is all just me, but I am also a person that can’t watch others in bad places, I feel the need to help others when I am able to do so, so my life has also consisted of drug addicts recovering and relapsing, suicides, child molestation very close to home, friends disappearing, domestic violence, adoption, I’ve seen many families divided, I’ve suffered the loss of friends and family due to death or just the need to keep myself and my family healthy.
The thing is I wouldn’t change it. It all made me who I am today, and I’m okay with who I am. All of these things and all the missing stories in between are where I realized my strength and overcame my fears. I get up every day and I know that there WILL be challenges, I also know that my 4 children are looking to me to show them how to function in this sometimes disturbing and overwhelming world, so I get up, I show up and I make it through another day.
If any of what you read offends you then I would say this blog isn’t for you. but if you read this and are willing to take a chance getting to know me and my shit storm then I look forward to letting you in to my crazy world.




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