After all these years

Lastnight I watched my favorite artist vocalize words that have run around in our heads and have been the topic of conversation many times in the past few months. Eminem proved again that he is legendary, he did what he does best and said what is on the mind of so many people,  not only in the U.S.A but all over the world.

I grew up listening and loving Eminem. I did attend his concert way back in the day 😂 and his music has literally been the one thing that got me through some of my very roughest of times. I related, to nearly everything he said. Eminem had a way of just speaking for the different people, the people that just didn’t fit into everyone’s little box of expectations. I lived the way I wanted and didnt care what people thought of me, I was that type of different, and I was okay with that, life wasn’t always pretty and easy, honestly it’s the opposite of that a majority of the time for a lot of people. Eminem made you feel less alone, like someone else got it.

After all these years Eminem is still living true to himself,  that is why I loved him then, and it is why I love him even more now. He empowered a lot of people with his words on BET, a whole generation that grew up listening to him finally got a voice! Stand up for what you believe in, be heard! ❤️


Wisdom Teeth

While today my daughter had her wisdom teeth removed. We have watched many of these wisdom teeth videos on YouTube when we needed a good laugh and so I thought since this only happens once we would tape her. She didn’t fail us, it was funny. I thought it was a great laugh for us here tonight so why not share it with all of you. Hopefully, you get a good laugh too!!   -She

Day 4 of the Blog Challenge

What are you afraid of?

My greatest fear is not being able to provide the basic necessities for my children. We are living in a world where my fear could be a reality in just a few short minutes. I have made many choices in my life based strictly on that fear, I am very aware just how close many of us live to being homeless, or hungry, or sitting in the cold and in the dark. This fear pushes me to get up and to do what needs to be done every day to make sure my fear never becomes my reality. This fear is reality for some families and this is why we should be willing to help others, to join in your community, to donate your hard earned money to causes that put the money back into where it is actually needed. We should be taking a stand together as the people of our province, and our country, against these bullshit company’s and these asshole politicians, that take us for more than every penny we have for things like hydro, water, gas, a cell phone, tv/internet, food, drinks, clothing, daycare, etc. It doesn’t end. Every company is raising prices ever so slightly, some not so slightly, and if your lucky enough to find work to try and keep up with this nonsense, lucky you, and hopefully just hopefully you get benefits as well, or they will hit you where it really hurts and make you really pay when you are sick and needy. Then tax us on it all some ridiculous amount, sometimes twice, or hey with hydro they just tax you on a tax, illegal, but they do it anyway, and why, because what can we really do, we just take it, because our hands are tied. Even protesting wouldn’t work because who could afford the money you would lose to stand out there long enough to make a difference. but something has to give, things have to change, we need to do something other than just survive another day. Any ideas? because like I said, I never want my fear to be a reality, and I want anyone living my fear to not have that reality either. The time is now.


Today is the day. The day where people talk about mental health to end the stigma behind it. My hope is that one day, hopefully not too far in the distant future, that we as a whole will accept mental health the same way we have come to accept things such as diabetes. Mental health is not a choice because I’m pretty sure if it was nobody would actually choose it. Today I figured I would take the time to talk about the mental health issues in our life, but from the families side of it, these people that deal with it all day every day suffer and struggle, and so do the families that love them.

Our journey with mental illness kind of just crept into our life one summer afternoon, one day after work my fiancé came in from work, it was just like any other day, we had a pretty normal routine, shower, get supper going, talk with the kids, then go for a smoke together, he headed to the mudroom which is where we smoked and I would follow along shortly. When I got there he was pale, told me he wasn’t feeling so good, that he just kind of felt something come over him, a very uneasy feeling, he said he felt anxious and worried. It kind of stayed that night, and the next few days, he couldn’t seem to shake it. This is where are rollercoaster really began, over the next few weeks it started to happen more, and with intensity, so we spent hours at doctors, and doing bloodwork, and just trying to figure out what it was. He was given Lorazepam for the anxiety, Synthroid for his thyroid, and antidepressants for the depression that had shown up, oh, and a referral for a sleep clinic as he couldn’t do that now either. In a very few short weeks it had got so bad that he had to take time off work as just the basic things were beginning to be too much. This is when Mike had his first trip of many to the hospital for his mental health as he started to be talking about how death would be easier on us and was having now suicidal thoughts. They changed his meds to Wellbutrin which is an antidepressant and a mood stabilizer and send him on his way, fingers crossed I guess. Well it seemed this had done the trick as he started to get up and live his life again. A few weeks and he was ready for work again, it was then that we started talking about options, options that would get us not just caught up as we had now started to fall behind but options that would get us all caught up and then we could start planning the wedding and save for the house we wanted. We decided Alberta was an option and he applied, within days he had an offer for employment that was just too good to turn down. Spoke with his doctors and was given the go ahead and all refills he would need till he got back. And he went. I stayed here with the 4 kids and the plan was he would come home when his hitch was done and it was his days off. Not long after he got there I noticed a difference, and I’d ask if he was using his sleep machine and taking his meds, and he would reassure me I had nothing to worry about that he was “fine/good”. He came home for a week, seemed different, distant, distracted, but same reassurance, he was “fine/good”. He went back for his next hitch. This here is when what I call “The Snow Globe” effect happened, it’s when you are just living life and then something traumatic happens, totally out of the blue, totally unforeseen and not a damn thing you can do about it, but it’s life altering and you know this immediately, like a snow globe, just sitting there all pretty and someone walks by picks it up, shakes it all up, and walks away like it was nothing. Yes, life does this. So, this is where our snow globe happened. I called him just like any other day, except today there was definitely something wrong, he of course said “fine/good” but this time I really pressed the issue and then bam just like that he said “I slept with someone else”. This was not my Mike, I can honestly say that the thought of him straying never crossed my mind, not once, not even when he was going provinces away. My Mike would never do this to me. I told him to get on a plane and just come home as I knew something was very wrong, and he said he couldn’t, that this was going to change us forever, and he just couldn’t. Now this was how I knew for sure that something has changed, because Mike could never not come home to us, his kids, never. This ordeal lasted two months, he did come back twice but left with two or three days both times, once on Thanksgiving. He left his dream job and moved in with her. I found out through him ad her over that time that he had stopped all his meds, and had started to self- medicate. Needless to say after a very long hard two months on myself and my kids he called and wanted help, he said he knew he needed help and he knew he needed his family. We let him come home. We got him back on his meds, sober, and into see a psychiatrist so he could talk to someone. Mike was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder(BPD) and Bipolar 2. It took us months again to get him on meds that helped as the depression hit hard when he came back around and realized the hurt he had caused.

The thing with mental illness is it’s a long hard painful road. Getting them to see they need help is a challenge, the help available is limited and with mental illness on the rise and more people needing services, it now takes a bit more time to go through the whole process with doctors, councilors, and psychiatrists. These people can try to get help but nothing is immediate relieve, which means this journey they walk their families are on it with them. And when they do receive the help they need such as meds that work, their brains flip again, because they are now feeling better and out there living again, so they feel they no longer need meds to do it, and stop their meds. This happens often. So then you are back at square one, and this circle continues, to families and individuals daily. We sometimes suffer for weeks at a time until we realize what’s going on, get him to acknowledge it is what it is and to want help for it, get him back in to a doctor for a referral to a psychiatrist, then to the psychiatrist and then take the meds and wait for them to kick back in. It is hard, for him, for me, and for our kids.

I want to take a minute and explain that well all this is going on as a family and as individuals we have things going on in our lives as well, things that our important to our own mental health. I was attending College, my 4 children watch their Dad not be their Dad, watching him change before our eyes, watching him cry, and listening to all the self-hate and all the things we had worked so hard for just slipping away.Listening to all the anger that it all comes out in, usually hurtful and hard to hear. All well they were attending school, and making the honor roll, getting awards, exams and tests, during driving lessons and graduating. This is the most frustrating stuff, the learning how to juggle it all, well keeping life as normal as can be for the children, well keeping a clean home, breakfast, lunches, dinners and daycares pick-ups and drop offs, school concerts, now at times all alone because my best-friend disappears, he is there but not there. Families who live this life face daily challenges that unless you live it you just truly don’t understand. And these episodes that come with it can happen within minutes, I have literally left to go to the store and kissed him goodbye and get home to a different person who at times can stay for weeks.

We need to talk, we need to listen, we need to step up and do something! We should not stand by and suffer alone and we should not be okay with knowing people are suffering and that we are not doing enough to solve the problem. Talking is the answer, it’s how we solve problems, and come up with solutions. Open your mind, and your heart. Try and be understanding and compassionate, and educate yourself on mental illness With 1 in 5 Canadians experiencing some form of mental illness this should be something we all take very seriously, as the odds are not in our favor, chances are we all know someone suffering. I lost 3 friends to suicide, 2 last year, as far as I’m concerned that is 3 too many. We need to demand changes from those in charge, changes in how we relate drug addiction and mental health as they are one in the same, changes to the help available, the delivery of that help, save places to go that understand them, the support for those who care for them, and well we are at it some rights that allow us to help them when they are sick and not themselves, but without stripping them of their own healthcare and human rights. And lastly don’t judge, because who really knows what a person has been going through, maybe a listening ear is better than a running mouth.

To all the mental health individuals that fight this fight, keep doing it, keep fighting, your worth it. And all the wives, husbands, kids, Mom’s, Dad’s, friends, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, teachers, doctors, nurses, and anyone else who is right there with them, keep it up, remember you are not alone, fight when they can’t fight for themselves, be loud and get heard, love them even when it’s hard to, hear them, but most of all forgive them, as they did not choose this it chose them.

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Day 3 of the Blog Challenge

Until just the other day my favorite quote was “It is what it is” but then I was having a hell of a day in a hell of a week, I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and came across a post of my friend’s new tattoo. The tattoo was great but the words just spoke to my soul. So this is now my all time favorite quote!! -She

“A thousand times we die in one life. We crumble, break and tear apart until the layers of illusion are burned away and all that is left, is the truth of who and what we really are”

Teal Swan: The Spiritual Catalyst

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31 Day Blog Challenge


Well, apparently I am ahead of the game as I did an introduction kind of blog yesterday. It definitely gave you a pretty good picture of who I am and the obstacles I have had to overcome to get here. So, with that being said I will just carry on to Day 2.

20 Facts about me

  1. I have a relationship where I can truly be myself. It’s been 13 years and though we argue because we don’t always see eye to eye he is my rock.
  2. My best friend is Stephanie, we will forever have each other, no matter what and it’s been like that since the day we met.
  3. I am Mom to 4 kids (19, 17, 10, and 7 years old).
  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Triple Triple coffee from Timmies. I literally live off coffee.
  5.  I love Art. All of it. I love the way I can pick up a marker or a brush and just relax my mind from thought.
  6. I fight for people that can’t fight for themselves
  7. I LOVE babies and kids, they are so sweet and innocent, usually pretty hilarious and painfully honest. When you just spend time with them you get to look at the world through the eyes of a child which can be very enlightening.
  8. I’m a bitch, sometimes often. But I also get shit done.
  9. I can watch Grey’s Anatomy anywhere, anytime. Ooh, and my dog’s name is Lexi.
  10. I am a good Mom. I take pride in this, not everyone is. I am, I love being a Mom, I haven’t always done the right thing in life but I know that without those 4 I wouldn’t be who I am today, they are worth every struggle, they make life easier to deal with, they are my reason.
  11. I love black. Hair, clothes, shoes, all of it.
  12. I am addicted to tattoos.
  13. I have 5 nieces and 2 nephews and I love being an Auntie, just wish I lived closer to them!!
  14. I’m 38 and get ID’d regularly. 😉
  15. I am ghetto chic. I know how to make something out of nothing. I know how to survive with very little. Though some may look at this as a flaw I see this as a great skill.
  16. I absolutely adore my bed. It’s a king size mattress with the pillow top, and feels like you fricken climbed into a big fluffy cloud, soooo because of this I also love naps.
  17. I suffer from migraines
  18. I rarely drink, I think it was a total of 3 times last year.
  19. I smoke, but do want to quit.
  20. I am truly very thankful for what I do have in life.





My Life In A Nutshell

I felt it would only be right for me to Introduce myself, my name is Wendi. I enjoy writing and have been told that blogging would be a good way for others to be able to get in my head and it would also allow me to just get it out there for others to read and hopefully relate.
My life, in a nutshell, is a whole bunch of “what the actual fucks”. Most who don’t know me, but may have heard of my life would think I was making most of it up, and to be quite honest sometimes I wish I was, but I don’t have to. On most days my life is a shit storm. But every day I get up and do it all again.
So far my life has consisted of divorced parents that didn’t deal well with all that being divorced adults of children consisted of, which led to some very crazy and out of control preteen/teenage behavior, a new step-family,  a teenage pregnancy, bought a house, a marriage, another teenage pregnancy, postpartum depression, alcoholism, a break-up of step-family, my Poppy’s passing, severe depression, a separation that left me on my own and my kids with their Nan and Dad, a tubular pregnancy, a tooth issue leading to dentures at 24, a drug addiction, an abortion, a move from my hometown without my children to save myself, a refresh on life, a baby born with CDH (later diagnosed with developmental delays, Autism, and SPD), a miscarriage, to moving my older children back with me, another baby,found spouses biological family, a spouse injured on job 5 days after baby was born and then diagnosed with H1N1, nearly lost our life as we knew it, spouses opiate addiction from pain medication, spouses recovery,  so then a spouse in another province for work to make up our losses, spouse home again for a great job here with family, I attended College, broke my arm, mental illness started showing its head in our life, spouse in another province again to try this one more time,spouse relapse, an affair, found my best friend, a separation, a whole shit storm, the reconciliation, spouses recovery, spouses diagnoses of BPD and BiPolar, I attended College again, the rebuilding of a family, and broke my leg, my of close friend’s sister just vanished, Graduated College with 2 diplomas and most recently a newly revealed to the world transgender child. Did I mention I’m only 38, haha and that’s just the jest of it. That is all just me, but I am also a person that can’t watch others in bad places, I feel the need to help others when I am able to do so, so my life has also consisted of drug addicts recovering and relapsing, suicides, child molestation very close to home, friends disappearing, domestic violence, adoption, I’ve seen many families divided, I’ve suffered the loss of friends and family due to death or just the need to keep myself and my family healthy.
The thing is I wouldn’t change it. It all made me who I am today, and I’m okay with who I am. All of these things and all the missing stories in between are where I realized my strength and overcame my fears. I get up every day and I know that there WILL be challenges, I also know that my 4 children are looking to me to show them how to function in this sometimes disturbing and overwhelming world, so I get up, I show up and I make it through another day.
If any of what you read offends you then I would say this blog isn’t for you. but if you read this and are willing to take a chance getting to know me and my shit storm then I look forward to letting you in to my crazy world.